Fashion Accessories From Big Name Department
Store: Purses, Sunglasses, Handbags, Belts, ,
Brand names such as Nine West, Jennifer Moore,
Espirits, Mondani, Liz, Rosetti, 9&Co and more.
These items are returns and overstock. If sold
by the lot, your cost is as low as $2.40 each
(as low as 12% on the dollar).

Huge Selection: Brand name store returns and
overstock merchandise. A huge variety of
handbags, belts, purses, sunglasses and
accessories such as pantyhose, socks and hats.
Many different styles. Some items in this load
retail up to $139.00

Brand Name Luggage: From Name Brand Department
Stores, a mixture of store returns and may
contain some overstock luggage. Each load
contains 18 to 22 pallets. Your cost is as low
as $4,500 per load. F.O.B. Reno, WI, Atlanta and

Fashion Handbags from Big Name Department store:
All new overstock handbags and purses name
brands such as: Ralph Lauren, Nine West, Liz
Claiborne, Dooney Bourke and much more. Super
low price your cost is as low as $7.75 per piece
minimum order is 300 pieces F.O.B. Florida.

and ask for Ami